Dog & Cat Boarding


Comfort is our Priority

EVERYTHING we do centers around creating an environment of trust, comfort and safety. We are the only dog daycare around that has large 9ftx9ft indoor kennels.

  • Can fit large dogs over 120 lbs comfortably
  • Ability to accommodate multiple dogs from the same family
  • Air conditioned and heated
  • Small and medium size kennels have storm doors, so dogs don’t injury their paws when they jump up
  • Skylights to let in natural light
  • Kakadu dog cots or Instinct chew proof pet loungers for each pet
  • Soothing music throughout the night and day

Our Rates


Small Dog Suite: $40.00 per day
Large Dog Suite: $45.00 per day
2 Dogs in 1 Suite: $75.00 per day

Cat boarding: $25.00 per day
2 Cats from the same family: $40.00 per day

Please note: extended stay discount does not apply for dates in December.

The Sporty Dog - designed to entertain the more sporty pet. This package includes a walk around the park and two additional playtimes in the off-leash area. We will throw balls, frisbees, chase soccer balls or any other favorite toy that your pet wants to play with to get those muscles working. - $15.00

The Lap Dog - This is for the more mellow pet. This includes spending the day with more slow paced activities and personal cuddle time. - $12.00

*Please note all luxury packages are in addition to regular daycare
*Dogs must be checked in by 9am and checked out by noon to avoid being charged for an additional day of care.


Pills: $1.00 per pill per day

20 minute walk around the park: $8.00

What Makes Us Different

We know what it’s like to worry about your pets while away, even for a day. That is why EVERYTHING we do centers around creating an environment of trust, comfort and safety.

  • Easy to schedule
  • Experienced, professional staff
  • We match dogs by temperament and energy level for playtime
  • Two large outdoor play yards
  • 4-6 hours of play time everyday

Pet Boarding in Bellevue

We invite you to bring your dog or cat over for a visit to see if our facility is right for you. For more information or to schedule a tour, call us today.